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Essential Flavours

CELSIUS Energy Drinks

CELSIUS was created for individuals who value an active lifestyle. With refreshing, fruit forward flavours, CELSIUS provides premium energy made with quality ingredients, formulated to help you succeed and conquer your day.

CELSIUS is more than an energy drink, it's the driving force of an active lifestyle. Created for those who aim to reach their goals, CELSIUS supports active individuals by providing premium energy.

Our Flavours

Perfect for fueling active lifestyles, CELSIUS Energy Drinks are made with a delicious blend of premium ingredients. CELSIUS is available in sparkling flavors, with dynamic, fruit forward flavours that are a refreshing pick-me-up to help power you through the day. Select a flavour below to learn more.

Green Apple Cherry Front

Sparkling Green Apple Cherry Flavour

Experience the nostalgic candy flavours of CELSIUS Green Apple Cherry, this refreshing green apple and sweet cherry blend electrifies your tastebuds, satisfying candy cravings while energizing your palate.​​

Green Apple Cherry Front

Sparkling Orange Flavour

Get energized and dazzle your tastebuds with the citrusy sweet blend of refreshing orange flavour. Our take on a classic, with zero sugar per 355ml can.​

Sparkling Kiwi Guava Flavour

The ripe and sweet flavours of kiwi combined with the unique taste of guava, packs a refreshingly tropical flavour into each sip. Zero sugar per 355ml can.​

Sparkling Peach Vibe

Inspired by sunny beaches, savour the good vibes and vibrant peach flavours in every sip. Zero sugar per 355ml can.​

Sparkling Tropical Vibe

Take your tastebuds on a tropical vacation with the refreshing exotic flavours of starfruit and pineapple. The sweet fusion of flavours gives you a tropical vibe in each sip. Zero sugar per 355ml can.​

Sparkling Sunset Vibe

Unleash the tropical fusion of Mango, Passionfruit and Orange flavours, each sip is a journey to paradise. Sunset Vibe is an invitation to indulge in life's most vibrant moments. Zero sugar per 355ml can.​